Rany and Bailey

It is cloudy and cold outside; Bailey is moving a bit slowly. But it is Friday morning and that means we need to go to Floyd Hospital and visit our patients and say hello to the staff. We arrive at 10:00 am and start our visit on the 3rd floor where we find the children. Bailey has wide eyes of amazement. He weighs 170 pounds and when he stands up on his back legs he is 5’ 8” tall and almost 8 years old and has been involved in patient therapy since he was 18 months old.  He knows his way around the Hospital as well as I do.  As we arrive on the 4th floor, one of our wonderful staff members comes up and tells us of a patient that would like a visit as well as the family, so we knock on the door and are invited in. We find this delightful elderly woman in bed and her wonderful daughter tending to her. We are told that she has been deaf since birth but she can read lips and utter words in response.

 Our visit was wonderful, as Bailey was ask to give her a kiss; he responded as asked and brought a wonderful smile to her and brought tears to her daughter. Her daughter knew time with her Mom would end soon on earth. We talked, laughed and Bailey stayed close to Mom the whole time we where there. Four days later I received an e-mail from the daughter requesting the pictures so that they could be shown at her Mother’s funeral.

We visit patients and their families not knowing what to expect, but I can say from many years of being involved with this type of volunteering, I am a better person for it and so are my four legged kids.