Pat and Outlaw

Gryphon is an eight year old Rottweiler belonging to Cathy Varidel.  He has been a Compassionate Paws therapy dog since 2011.  He has done an excellent job of filling the paw prints of his sire, Elric.  Gryphon is also Cathy's mobility service dog.

He has been a Read With Me Dog at Glenwood Primary School for six years and appears at many various events in the Rome and surrounding area including the Hartsfield Jackson International Airport.  Cathy says Gryphon loves children and loves all the attention he gets as a therapy dog. 

He holds a complex rating with Pet Partners and was one of the first dogs to receive the American Kennel Club's ThDD (Distinguished Therapy Dog) title.  Gryphon also serves as Compassionate Paws' "neutral dog" when evaluating other dogs