Beckie and Abbie

Abigail Grace “Abby” passed her first Pet Partner test September 2008 at one year of age. She is a Golden Retriever but small for a Golden weighing in at 48 pounds.

Abby first showed me she wanted to do therapy work after I had emergency surgery; she just knew what to do to take care of me. When Abby showed me her desire, I found out there was a local group doing therapy work.

I put her in Obedience School, exposed Abby to everything imaginable. Once we passed the Pet Partner test and became Pet Partners we volunteered at Floyd Hospital, visited nursing homes, took on hospice patients, worked at Harbin Clinic’s Cancer Center and for the past 5 years have made week-end visits to Redmond Regional Medical Center.

Abby loves going to “make smiles” as I call it.