Barbara and Kash

In 2012 my oldest son, Kenny, who lives in Indiana called and said he was coming to visit but mention he would only be able to stay one day. I said driving 550 miles is a long way for a one day visit. He replied he just wanted to see me. When he arrived, he knocked on my door and said, “Mom, there is a skunk in your front yard.” I went to look in the front yard and saw a little black and white Sheltie puppy. We named him Kash!

A short time later I enrolled him for training at Pet Connection. While I was there to pick up Kash, the owner, Lisa, was talking with a new customer and I over heard her say, “See that little black and white dog, he would make a good Pet Partner.” I asked Lisa, “What’s a Pet Partner?” That’s how WE became a TEAM.

Kash and I visit Floyd Medical Center and almost any other place that welcomes us. The staff at Floyd welcome us during each visit. We start our day in the outpatient area, then we go to the sixth floor and work our way downstairs. On each floor we visit the staff and they direct us to patients who miss their pet or are just lovers of our Pet Partners. When we are out and about in Rome, I often hear Kash’s name from someone we have visited. I love that Kash has a great personality and he loves everyone.